Zoom / Skype Lessons

Zoom Meeting VS skype lessons

Japanese lessons on Zoom is also available as this makes lessons much more interactive and responsive. You can try both to decide which platform you prefer.

Lylah – GCSE candidate – 22 April 2018

.It’s (Zoom Meeting / Skype lesson) the same as face-to-face, since you can hear the voice clearly and see the computer screen.

The Zoom/Skype lesson is great, it’s good for when someone is unable to do face-to-face lessons as it’s very similar.

Anna – 12 April 2018

“I had studied Japanese in the past and started taking lessons with Kazuo sensei after a year and a half long break. I was in a situation where I couldn’t just sign up for a beginners course, as it would be too simple, but at the same time, couldn’t do anything more advanced as I had forgotten a lot of basic Japanese. Kazuo sensei has been very helpful and structured the lessons based on my particular needs. His lessons are not only carefully planned and organised but also very enjoyable. In the past, I tried multiple tutors, including one I studied with for 6 months, and although private lessons in general are beneficial, based on my experiences, I can confidently say that Kazuo sensei provides one of the best quality lessons you can get. If you are serious about learning Japanese, I would definitely recommend studying with him.”

I think it’s (Essay Assignment) super useful! I didn’t realise how much writing an essay would help before you set the first assignment. It’s really improved my grammar and thanks to all that writing I can read Hiragana comfortably now. I honestly love that assignment. It’s so much fun as well!
(One hour lesson) Fits my schedule perfectly as my lunch break is for an hour.
I like them (Skype lessons). I’m surprised how much they are completely suited for Skype. I had my fair share of experience with private lessons over the years since I was a kid but never seen any teacher of any subject adopt such methods. Not sure how common this is for teachers to do but my brother is taking Maths, English & Physics lessons for GCSEs at the moment and none of his tutors use similar techniques over Skype.

Ayman N. – 2017

“I’ve been wanting to learn Japanese for a long time, and i have searched for many teachers. I chose to learn with Kazuo sensei after the introduction lesson face to face, and after a trial lesson on Skype. I was extremely impressed by the structure of the lesson, which is completely geared towards the Skype format, the lessons are very well thought through and custom tweaked to the student. My first Skype lesson was challenging because I have to concentrate throughout, but thoroughly enjoyable nonetheless . The lessons are truly immersing, something that some self study courses offer at a very high price without the benefit of a teacher to guide you through. I have now signed up formally and can’t wait for my next lesson”.

Shipra (Crisis Management) – 2014

Sensei and I started Skype lessons to supplement our face to face lessons as my travel schedule for work frequently keeps me outside of London for weeks at a time. I absolutely love Kazuo sensei’s Skype lessons. They allow me to focus on really putting what I have learnt into practice by focusing on conversation skills. In addition, by utilising the Skype ‘screen share’ facility sensei is able to tailor each lesson.Dictionary
In past Skype lessons we have been able to review kanji through a series of interactive quizzes,
apply different grammatical constructions to discuss photographs, and improve my understanding and usage of counters, adjectives and adjective clauses. I always leave each Skype lesson with a few new vocabulary words and a better understanding of how to utilise them in everyday conversation.
And the best part – the lessons fit around my busy work travel schedule so that I can continue to have regular lessons even when I am away.

Amanda (Accoutant in Birmingham)

I had a few Skype lessons with Kazuo-sensei to improve my Japanese speaking and listening, and I am very happy with the lessons I had and the progress made. ReadingKazuo encourages you to speak completely in Japanese – it was a challenge to begin with but this really is the best way to learn! I felt comfortable to ask questions when there was something I did not understand, and the weekly essays helped to consolidate what I had learned. I will be sitting the JLPT N4 exam this weekend and thanks to the lessons I feel I will do well, and am now encouraged to push myself even further and aim for the JLPT N3 later this year. Thank you Kazuo-sensei for the helpful lessons!