Ready for the exam?

You can assess your level in the following two ways:

  • One of the best ways to see if you are ready for the exam is to do one of the Paper 1 exam papers from the past years in September because this is usually the easiest for most of the students.
    You must do it in the exam conditions – in 25 minutes for Grade 4, 35 minutes for Grades 3 and 2 and 45 minutes for Grade 1.
    If your score is less than 40, you had better forget taking the exam this year and plan for the future.
    Unless you have a grip on the Paper 1 whose main component is vocabulary, the building block of each exam paper, there is no chance that you will do well in Paper 3 (grammar and reading) – the most difficult one.
  • Alternatively, to measure your skills more accurately try one of each of the three papers from past years around September. Stick to the time allocated for each paper – in Grade 3 you can have 35 minutes for both Papers 1 and 2, and 70 minutes for Paper 3. Then work out the average score of the three papers.
    If it is around 55, then you are likely to pass as long as you study very hard and keep the momentum up to the exam day – usually the first Sunday in December. If the score is anywhere between 55 and 45, you are more likely to fail than to pass unless you are ready to study every weekend from September to December.

Any score less than 40 means that you are not ready to do the exam yet.

Alternatively, you can do the relevant mock exam paper.