Edexcel Exams

Logically organized lessons will enable any hard-working students  to pass GCSE, AS and A2 with good grades as long as studnets do all the homework in earnest.

Why learn Japanese?

Sony Walkman, Playstation, Nintendo, bullet trains (shinkansen), samurai, sushi, karate and judo, manga and anime, sumo … Almost everyone has heard of the above but few really know about the country they come from.
Learning Japanese is not just a matter of mastering the words, phrases and alphabet for a new language – you will also learn about the culture, where politeness and modesty are essential parts of communication.

Anyone interested in a career in areas such as business, graphics or IT will almost definitely find a knowledge of Japanese useful but whatever you want to do, a qualification in Japanese will look good on your CV and impress your friends and relations.

The course

Learning Japanese is not as difficult as you might think if you study hard. This is because acquisition of the language skills is progressive. Anybody who is happy to devote four hours a week (two two-hour lessons) for two years, and do the homework set, should be able to pass Edexcel’s GCSE Japanese – two hours a week may be possible if you are prepared to study more in your own time.
A2-2This exam has just one paper – focusing on the reading and writing skills; there is no speaking or listening test. However, there will be some listening and speaking practice in lessons to balance out the four skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening).

A further year’s study should enable you to pass the AS Level which also focuses on the reading and writing skills.

The A2 is an intellectual challenge even for able students because this exam is noticeably more difficult than the AS. As with the GCSE and AS there is no speaking or listening exam – just a three-hour Reading and Writing paper – but lessons (two hours twice a week) will also include speaking and listening practice. Ideally, some time in your study, you should visit Japan for at least two weeks (and possibly do a homestay) so that you can experience a completely different culture but also see and hear the language in use.

How to enter the exam as an external student

Contact Westminster Tutors.

It will cost external students at least ’120 per unit.

All the best stuff is made in Japan‘ Marty McFly, Back to the Future III

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