Lesson materials

Lesson materials are based on the level of students and on their aims. In general, Marugoto series from Japan Foundation are very often used for developing all sorts of skills such as listening, speaking, reading and writing. These books have so many visual materials and numerous mp 3 sound files. Therefore, they can develop students’ language skills without reference to English. MP 3 sound files are also pleasant to listen to. Very often these mp3 files come in two formats – one with background music and one without. Whether face-to-face lessons or Zoom/skype lessons, visual images and sound files with Zoom in particular can be easily shared with screen share function.

The lesson materials are “Very varied and interesting. A good balance of all aspects required to study and learn a new language.” tomlawS– Tom Law – a Jazz musician

A lot of photos that I have taken in Japan are also used to focus on particular linguistic practices.