Lesson Enquiry and Contact

Before Enquiry

Lesson Enquiry Form – click this link

Before you fill in the enquiry form, please take some time to think about what is mentioned below.

    1. You can contact me as follows:


  1. Lesson Enquiry Form – click this link
  2. Alternatively, you can ring me on 0794-101-8017 (London, UK)

What is your objective?

    1. Define your lesson objective clearly. For example, you may want to:
      learn survival Japanese because you are going to Japan soon?
      sit an exam such as the Japan Foundation exam?
      improve your communication skills (listening and speaking)?
Little pencil write contact me words. 3d illustration.

Little pencil write contact me words. 3d illustration.

  1. Do you want a private lesson, a semi-private lesson (two people) or a group lesson?

    Tell me how many students you want to study with. Zoom meeting/lessons are as effective as face-to-face lessons for most of the students. If your are not sure, I strongly suggest that you take a couple of zoom lessons/meetings on traial basis .

  2. What is your level?

    If you are an absolute beginner, both your speaking/listening and writing/reading levels will be zero. However, your speaking/listening can be level 4, but writing/reading may be zero.

  3. Where would you like your lesson to be held?

    Lessons are held at the student’s workplace or home. Please note that lessons cannot be held at Japanese4all.

  4. Decide how often and how long you would like to have your lessons?

    You may want a two-hour lesson once-a-week or just one hour a week.
    I suggest each lesson lasts between 90 minutes and two hours.

  5. What day of the week and what time would you like your lesson(s)?

    Clearly state three options for this in order of preference. For example:
    8am every Monday
    8am every Tuesday
    7pm every Tuesday

Terms and conditions / Cancellation policy

  • Rates

    The hourly rate is £40 – £60 for lessons within underground zones 1, 2 and 3. Contact me if you want to discuss the rate. Out of these areas, the rate would depend on how long I need to travel and my travel costs will be charged as well.

    Lesson fees for the first ten weeks have to be paid in advance. There will be no refund of lesson fees even in the event that the lessons are discontinued by you before the end of the ten weeks.
    So, if you have a one-hour lesson twice a week the fee equivalent to 20 hours (ie 10 X 2) must be paid prior to the first lesson. No refund of the fee paid in advance will be given even if you do not continue the lessons for the full 10 weeks or if you have fewer lessons than originally booked.
    However, up to two trial lessons can be paid for individually, if you wish. A trial face-to-face or skype lesson (up to one each permissible) will cost 80% of the usual lesson fee.

    The cost of textbooks is not included in this rate.

    Lessons starting after 8pm or before 9am cost 25% more than the rate that is agreed between a student and me.


    I do not usually work at weekends but in certain circumstances I may. My hourly rate at weekends will be 50% more than my normal hourly rate and the minimum lesson time must be two hours.
    Also I will not travel beyond zones 1-3 at the weekend.
    A trial lesson (up to two permissible) will cost 80% of the usual lesson fee.

  • Cancellation

    Any cancellation within 24 hours prior to the lesson will be charged as one lesson. Lessons can be rescheduled at no cost as long as either the student or I notify each other not less than 24 hours in advance.

    I will not wait at the scheduled lesson place for more than 20 minutes; if the student (or no student for a group lesson) does not turn up in that time I will charge the time as one lesson.